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About Zaanouni Law Firm & Associates

Zaanouni Law Firm & Associates ,which was established in 1970, offers more than 14 areas of practice and is one of the leading law firms in North Africa. By offering a personalized service, our lawyers are client-driven. At Zaanouni Law Firm & Associates , we listen to each client's need regardess the area of practice concerned, and we care about the financial and emotional cost of every considered option . Since the beginning Zaanouni Law Firm & Associates has built its repute on the strength of its interventions in various fields of law. Additionally, Zaanouni Law Firm & Associates has managed to set up an international network with law firms located in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Thanks to these various associations, we are able to adequately respond to each and every one of our client's specific legal needs.


MERITAS is an international alliance of high quality multidisciplinary business firms working on a well coordinated basis. MERITAS now has more than 190 companies located in more than 97 countries and consisting of 7,500 lawyers. In reality, the number of MERITAS members continues to increase day by day by simple invitation to the company convened in order to join this international network.

About First Law International

Zaanouni Law Firm is an active member of the First Law International network. It assists Tunisian and international companies by calling upon this quality partner to propose global, personalized and innovative solutions in the various fields of law.

Areas of Practice

Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions

Tax Law

Banking & Finance

Why do customers choose us?

Zaanouni law firm & Associates represents a wide variety of clients, from large multinational corporations to small Tunisian and foreign family-owned business, as well as individuals.During its existence, the Zaanouni law firm has in fact demonstrated its ability and prestige in being recognized inside and outside the Tunisian boundaries.

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